Technologies that look further.

At FAST CHEMTECH we partner, inspire and engage businesses to enhance their chemical technologies process.

We believe in taking time to listen, understand and partner to identify the best solutions to advance chemical processing in Semiconductors, Clean Energy & Life Sciences.

Modular systems from FAST CHEMTECH are designed according to the individual requirements their processes and factory demands.

Our collaborative journey is end to end.

Who we are

FAST CHEMTECH is an advanced chemical technologies company specialising in the delivery of modular solutions for Semiconductors, Clean Energy & Life Sciences.

With headquarters in Derry/Londonderry, and a hub in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we have over 25 years’ experience in delivering best in class chemical technology solutions to industry leaders.

Our modular solutions provide reliable handling equipment in the delivery, distribution and recovery of liquids, gases, chemicals, and slurries. From dosing systems to biotech pumping, filtration and monitoring stations, our tailored solutions will enable you to accurately minimise wastage in your wet processing systems.

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