Levitronix® is the worldwide global leader in magnetically levitated bearingless motor technology, specializing in supplying process equipment for Microelectronics, Life Science, and Industrial Applications. The product range is vast, from pump systems, mixers, and blowers to flow sensors and viscometers. Levitronix® offer unique technology that can enhance your specific product or process in terms of performance, lifetime, and usability.

Levitronix® has been a key participant in the Microelectronics industry for over 20 years, providing ultrapure pump systems, mixers, and flow sensors that enable chip manufacturers globally to process smallest wafer structures.

With ever-increasing miniaturization and complexity, process requirements in microelectronics wet applications have become more and more stringent. A plethora of different media is necessary to cover the different processes in areas such as semiconductor manufacturing. Ultrapure, safe, and reliable delivery of critical process media is of paramount importance.



Flow Controller


Flow Sensor (In-Line)

Flow Sensor (Clamp On)

Pump Tank Mixers


Pressure Booster

Process Control Units

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