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The FAST CHEMTECH solvent systems are meticulously designed with safety in mind due to the flammable and combustible nature of the liquid chemical. The system is engineered to comply with applicable international design codes and standards, namely ATEX, by performing ignition and hazard analysis as well as risk assessments during the design and development stage, to ensure that the system performs safe handling and distribution of ultra-pure solvents, from drums or totes to points of use across a fab-wide distribution loop using advanced pumping technology. The system is designed with stainless steel enclosures and wetted materials that are entirely conductive and grounded to prevent ignition from occurring. The implementation of innovative and inclusive design guarantees engineering for safety —streamlining operations in facilities.

The systems can incorporate heated jackets with pre-mix recipes to help manage solvents with a high freezing point like DMSO.

Solvent Waste Collection System modules are engineered for safe collection and disposal of solvent wastes. The system is commonly designed to collect solvent wastes from wafer production floors via gravitational flow into stainless steel drums or tanks. The system utilizes enhanced weight measurement that is commonly paired with capacitive level sensors to perform fully-automated solvent waste collection and drum switchover with high reliability.


The CT | CONTROL Modules incorporates a centralized means to corral the electrical and control components for the CT Modular series helping optimize the entire process, enhance safety, increase uptime and ensure blend and delivery stability.

It uses standard off the shelf components, industrial PLC and HMI control displaying the system PI&D status, with user friendly input and output screens, recipe selection, along with alarm logging. The system can collect Key Input Process Variables that allows engineers to have full visibility of their process.


Delivery modules allow the automated distribution of ultra-pure solvents from totes and drums, to the point of use. The design philosophy achieves high uptime and reliability through the use of multiple back-up modes, and the various modular layouts with easy interchangeability allowing the end user to swap formats easily without having to replace the complete system. Therefore, a truly flexible system that can meet your changing production needs.


Collection & Delivery modules allow the automated waste collection from processing systems, or pressure and flow controlled distribution of
ultra-pure solvents to ensure stable processing.

Collected waste can be pumped to totes or drums for waste recovery and recycling.


The CT | Valve Manifold Box offers various standardised 4, 6, 8, 10 etc stick configurations installed in the supply or return loop of Collection & Delivery Modules. The system features optimized layout and piping design to minimize equipment footprint and promote ease of installation, service and maintenance. The system is designed to have a large and clear viewing panel, allowing for enhanced visibility and accessibility, as well as a built-in leak sensor with remote communications to detect leaks inside the cabinet.

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